Using Reason Why Marketing

Before doing any marketing in your practice you should always know the reason why, and it should always point to your patients.


When I work with dental practices from all over North America, we always work on 3 tiers of focus to get them started.

Management is one tier, meaning management of their time, team, and systems.  Next is mindset to get their brain on board with becoming a next level practice.  And last, but definitely, not least is marketing.

I’m sure you already have some type of idea of what marketing means.  You put a pretty postcard together and mailed it out.  Well, there is a little more to it than that.  It’s about creating systems to make it automated, i.e. less work for you in the long run.

And the most important part is using the ‘reason why’ factor.  The reason why people would be interested in your practice for THEIR NEEDS versus spending on a new cell phone or the latest electronic gadget.


There is a lot of ‘clutter’ in peoples’ lives so, now more than ever, you have to find a way to stand out.  And reason why marketing does that for you.

Reason why marketing isn’t, ‘I’m a dentist and you need me’.  It’s about something that is important to them.  Finding something your office does and tying it to your patients in a way they understand and care about.   It isn’t, ‘Hey we do XYZ procedures and you need that’.  It’s promoting something that is relevant to them and to the current time.  Which means it will also only be available for a limited time.

For example, I want to run a New Year promotion.  My offer would only be good for the month of January and will be promoting some type of Happy New Year special.  It’s relevant to the time and has an expiration date to get patient to take immediate action.

You will create something like this for each month of the year, which ties into the automation step of marketing.  Once you put everything together you will have a full calendar year of specials laid out.  You don’t have to recreate the wheel every month and year.

In the video I also explain fun ways to use current events to excite patients about coming in.  Which will really help your practice stand out, cut through the clutter and show your patients your personality.  All great ways that will get more patients in your door and increase your conversions.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The 3 tiers of focus to grow your practice
  • What is reason why marketing
  • How to increase your conversions by being relevant
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,