Hi!  I’m Dr. Ginger Bratzel.  And I LOVE helping fellow dentists get more patients and grow their practices without all the stress and overwhelm with proven patient attraction principles.


Getting more patients has gotten harder…but it doesn’t have to be!  With these proven tools, your dental practices will have a systematized, reproducible technique to get patients with stay, pay, and refer any time you want!

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Tools, systems and resources for you to use independently within your dental office to attract and keep more patients to grow your practice.

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Coaching and Mastermind

Work with Ginger directly as she shows you the exact steps you need to take to get the maximum results for your situation in the shortest period of time. Plus, as a private client, you gain access to Ginger’s "Inner Circle” of advancing dentists to gain insight in what is working now and gain support of a group looking to make sure you win.

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  • Dr. Roxzanne Amos (Virginia Beach, VA)

    Dr. Roxzanne Amos explains the importance of working on marketing strategies with Dr. Bratzel

    Thanks to Ginger, I feel a lot more confident now that I have a plan that is mapped out for the calendar year. There are aspects that my assistant does and aspects that I do. I also feel good when I get more patients.  If you need help with a marketing structure Ginger is there to help. The monthly calls we have were really helpful.  If we got stuck on something Ginger was there to tell us to keep it or get rid of it.


    Dr. Roxzanne Amos (Virginia Beach, VA)

  • Tammie Bessa Kingsley (Sacramento, CA)

    Tammie Bissa Kingsley shares how she saw the value of being at a live event with Dr. Bratzel.

    “I was interested in the live event, because I didn’t know that we could do all the things that we learned during this training. I was shocked by all of the tools that Ginger taught us that we can do with reaching patients.

    I believe that we got a lot of up to date information about what is working now at the event, because it is constantly changing. She taught us what to look for when things do change!

    Working with Ginger live was great! Ginger is matter of fact, she coaches you through, gives you suggestions, and will tell you what best to do.

    Tammie Bessa Kingsley (Sacramento, CA)

  • Judy Bartlett (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

    Judy Bartlett talks about how wonderful working with Dr. Bratzel is and how working with Dr. Bratzle one one one is very helpful.

    “If you have reservations about attending one of Ginger’s live events just do it! Coming to an event is the best thing you can do.

    I’m excited to start adapting different things to certain audiences and pinpointing certain things that we want to do with certain objectives.

    Ginger has a lot of knowledge about dental marketing and she always steers us in the direction of what not to do.

    Judy Bartlett (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

  • Pam Morrison (Charlotte, NC)

    Pam Morrison shares why she chose Dr. Ginger Bratzel as the right coaching program for her needs and has never looked back after making that decision.

    “I chose Ginger from the very beginning because I wanted somebody that understood where we were coming from.  Being a dentist, she understands our problems, things we go through, and helps us tremendously.  She is able to relate with us more easily.  It’s the best environment for us, there’s no judgement, everybody here is so open and honest.  If you can’t learn from it then you’re doing something wrong, because it’s really the best thing we’ve ever done, and we’ve done a lot marketing ‘giants’ that I would not even think twice about going back to, because we are so happy here.”



    Pam Morrison (Charlotte, NC)

  • Gregg Morrison, DDS (Charlotte, NC)

    Dr. Gregg Morrison shares continued success from being a long time private client of Dr. Ginger Bratzel, including having their highest production year this year.

    “I have been doing Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s program for…this is our 3rd year and we love it.  It’s always enlightening to us, we always leave with something we’ve learned new each and every time that we come.  And I have to say truthfully that this year is our highest production year since we started this program.”



    Gregg Morrison, DDS (Charlotte, NC)

  • Dennis Yossi, DDS (Cedar Rapids, IA)

    Dr. Denny Yossi shares his long time success from being a private client of Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s, where he has seen nothing but steady and consistent growth.

    “I’ve been with Ginger for three to four years and over that time I’ve just seen nothing but steady growth with our practice.  This year for example we are already way above last year’s totals at this point in time, and that also includes our best month ever in March, which was $30,000 higher than any other month we’ve had previously.

    One of the main things I like with this program is we get good personal time with Ginger and other Docs that come in.  We mastermind and we learn quite a few things about marketing.  I think marketing is everything when it comes to the success of your practice.  And it’s really interesting to see how Ginger can help us with all of these issues.”


    Dennis Yossi, DDS (Cedar Rapids, IA)

  • Marc Schwartz, DDS (Plantation, FL)

    Dr. Marc Schwartz shares his experience after attending the private Mastermind meetings with Dr. Bratzel as a private client and how he is glad he decided to join the program.

    “I’ve known Ginger a long time but now I’ve decided to go into her coaching program and I’m glad I did.  I’m learning a lot in during the meetings, there are things I just would have never thought to do, and I can immediately go back on Monday and implement these things into the practice.”

    “Anybody who is looking to improve their practice, get new patients, and enjoy the patients you already have, Ginger is the one to do it.  It’s an intimate setting and you get a lot of one on one contact.  If you want quick response to problems you have, Ginger’s the one that will help you do it.  I highly recommend to anybody who’s looking for success that we’re looking to have in our office.”

    Marc Schwartz, DDS (Plantation, FL)

  • Keith Myers, DDS (Springfield, MO)

    Dr. Keith Myers shares his experience of being a part of Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s private Mastermind & Coaching program, where he describes the growth his practice has had in the first 6 months of the program, and how Dr. Bratzel’s program is different than any other consulting program he has participated in.


    We had about a 30% increase in revenue in the first six months of the program.  It was a good decision because you were offering what I needed.  I’ve had a management consultant before, all the things were place but it just wasn’t clicking, it wasn’t working.  So we needed to add the marketing, Facebook, promotions, mailings, things like that.  We had not done anything like that and for me that was a really difficult step to take but we’ve accomplished that with you.  With you helping to kind of prod and push me along, and that’s what I needed.” 


    Keith Myers, DDS (Springfield, MO)

  • Stephanie Aldrich, DDS (Fairlawn, OH)

    Dr. Stephanie Aldrich talks about how she recouped an entire year investment in her first month of working with with Dr. Ginger….and with very little stress.


    After being on Dr. Ginger’s program my entire year investment paid for itself in one month, and we had our second highest month ever.  With very little stress or financial risk or anything on my part.  I think that was more of a major turning block for me saying that I’m definitely in the right place.
    If you were considering any type of consultant, whether they’re looking at a certain aspect of your practice.  Do you want more patients?  Do you want to do a certain type of procedure?  What I would tell you to do is giver Ginger a call.
    I hope if you’re thinking about changing something, if you’re plateauing, if you’re bogged down in dentistry and just thinking I hate the environment, the economy nowadays so just say you know what, let’s maybe take a step back and bring in a new observer and try something a little bit different.


    Stephanie Aldrich, DDS (Fairlawn, OH)

  • Thomas Gibbs (DDS Glen Ellyn, IL)

    Thomas Gibbs speaks about how Dr. Ginger has help his practice tremendously with her marketing strategies.

    I’ve known Ginger for probably 10 to 12 years now and I’ve always respected her authority in the field of marketing management and dentistry in general.  She has helped our practice, we have ping-ponged ideas off of her for years and I have always been happy with the results we have gotten from her.
    The strategies she has used has helped us tremendously in the office and she works very well with the staff and interfacing to get these ideas implemented.  So I definitely would recommend Ginger as a dental consultant in the future.  If you ever have questions regarding her feel free to contact me personally.

    Thomas Gibbs (DDS Glen Ellyn, IL)

  • Dennis Nagel (Grand Rapids, MI)

    Dr. Dennis Nagel shares his eye opening experience and what he has learned from working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel.

    My experience here has been wonderful. Ginger really knows her stuff and I’ve been very impressed with what she has shown us and what she has gotten us to see for ourselves. And I’ve gotten strategies that I can take back to my office and use next week already, so I’m very grateful for that.

    Dennis Nagel (Grand Rapids, MI)

  • David Phelps (Dallas, TX)

    Dr. David Phelps brags about Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s techniques and what she focuses on especially with dentists.

    Ginger gives you the best marketing strategies. She’s worked with and studied with some of the very, very best and she helps dentists focus on the clarity of who they need to be marketing to. The who, the what, and the why. Ginger really helps you get it done and shows you how you can have it done through other people, how to delegate so that you, the dentist, don’t have to go out and do it yourself. That’s the problem we have as dentists, we try to do too much. If you want to blow your practice up in a tough economy, this is the place you want to be

    David Phelps (Dallas, TX)

  • Charlie Vogel (Springfield, MO)

    Charlie Vogel brags on how he would recommend Dr. Ginger Bratzel to almost any niche marketer, not just dentistry, although being dentist herself helps her relate to other dentists.

    I have an unusual practice where we do urgent care only and I’m really excited about getting into the ‘nits and grits’ of marketing, because having a practice that is about 3 years old, marketing is extremely important to us. We want to continue to grow our practice.
    I was very excited to learn more about Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s niche marketing. She branched out into marketing much earlier in her life than most of us did, so she doesn’t have all of the biases and disconnects that go with being a dental marketer. She’s just a great marketer. I got some, I want to expand on some, and I want to learn a little bit more about some.
    The exercises, the material from the event, and the progression of ideas are what I liked most about the program.

    Charlie Vogel (Springfield, MO)

  • Brad Parker (San Bruno, CA)

    Brad Parker speaks about all of Dr. Ginger’s expert marketing strategies he has learned.

    Here at Ginger Bratzel’s event, it’s been a wonderful day. We have great people here. We’ve had some good experiences together. I’ve learned a lot from Ginger. She’s been building; each hour is something new and something that builds on each other. We’re getting into the strategies that will help us grow our practices. It’s really up to date strategies she brings. One of the things we talked about is where time-to-time we get ‘stuck’, and going through strategies to get unstuck. I thought that was very powerful! There are so many different things.
    I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. I know it’s going to be outstanding. Ginger is just fantastic, she has so much great experience, she understands marketing and how to implement that in a dental practice. She is a real expert in that and I really appreciate her advice.

    Brad Parker (San Bruno, CA)

  • Allyson Dodds DDS (Carl Junction, MO)

    Allyson Dodds speaks about being a new dentist with no marketing experience and how Dr. Ginger Bratzel made it simple, easy to do, and fun.

    My experience with Ginger has been incredible. I’m a new dentist; I’ve only been out a few years and…no marketing experience, to say. Strategies – I had none. As far as realizing I need to focus on someone, she’s been incredible. We’ve narrowed it down, made a focus group, and I know exactly what I need to do when I get home. We’ve had a great time and I really appreciate all she’s done for our practice.

    Allyson Dodds DDS (Carl Junction, MO)

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