Getting Results By Going OLD SCHOOL

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Getting Results By Going OLD SCHOOL]


0:00  Introduction

Hey there, Ginger Bratzel. With you, how’s it going today, we always like to tell share,  tips, strategies, ideas, and techniques for building your service based business. So if you’re a service provider, if you have a service business where you offer a, a good, something that you do, well, that’s what we’re always talking about.

 We work with a lot of health care professionals, a lot of service-based businesses. And right now you guys got a lot to offer, we want to make sure you get it out there in the world. So it’s always our pleasure to be here. And so every week, I come back with a strategy, something to think about and go through, and is based on what we’re working with clients on what we’ve been talking about what we’re seeing other businesses do that’s really smart, and we like to share it here. And going through.

So either we shared on our podcast, we showed a shared on Facebook Live or YouTube videos, just to get that information out there. So you can use it as a learning lesson and going forward and making that happen. And so that’s, you know, that’s what we kind of thought about for this week, what to do, and, you know, service-based businesses, you need people. And so all during the economic slowdown that’s been going on right now, the COVID issues which we don’t dwell on, but it’s affected the economy. service-based businesses have been affected. And we talked about going back to your people.

And we talked about communications and contact and it’s that connection that’s going through. And so you know, that connection doesn’t end just at your customer. There’s a whole bunch of other people that are we call your ‘unpaid sales force’:   people who are there to support your business, affiliated with your business even indirectly. And you know, with those people kind of got left off right now, because we’re all so worried about doing what we need to do and making that happen. So as we go through making those changes, we need to look at something else. So we talked about making some changes and kind of focusing a little different going through.

And we’re talking about going old school.

So that’s our theme today is keeping it old school. You know, there’s so many new technologies, you know, and expensive things and gizmos and gadgets and shiny objects. So pay per click pay per clicks, SEO websites on social media, what’s the latest and greatest little thing? You know, it’s but today was somebody talking about reels, and that’s great. And they spent, you know, talking about this technique, that’s going to take a certain amount of time. But there was nothing about it the customer, there’s nothing about the person you’re serving.

It’s just making it so if it didn’t have an action, why are we doing it. So when things get complex, it’s sometimes really good to go back to basics, it’s time to strip it down and get a little nitty-gritty is what I call it and making that happen. So let’s we’re talking about going old school. So with your customers, we talked about communication, but there’s a whole group of people that are getting neglected in this old school right now, that could really use your services and what you’ve got to offer and I’m just trying to change my slide here. Or did ago, I’m gonna bring it up real quick, guys.


That’s the beauty of being live.


There we go.



 So where does your focus need to be under your business under your whole operation, there’s a lot of people that support you are not on the payroll.

And you don’t know it, or there’s a lot of people that can be supporting you, and you don’t know it.

So we get so busy doing the services and doing what we need to do, we kind of forget about building the business.

We always say people forget about marketing until it slows down. And that’s the worst time to start marketing. marketing needs to be going on the whole time. And when I talk about marketing, in the sense today, it’s connection. So you’ve got to be out there and making sure people know who you are. So when you first started your business, you got out there, you shook hands, you said Hi, you went introduce yourself to everybody. And then you got busy doing the business until things slow down. And then you got to do it again. When you’re looking at leveraging your business as a solo, let’s say you’re maxed out, you have the maximum number of clients and you’re strapped, you can’t get another customer and how are you going to leverage it when you go to look for the next person to leverage it to help you in that sequence. If you haven’t been building those relationships a long time along the line. We call it being in the on-deck circle.

You’re not going to have it you’ve got to have those people kind of lined up. It’s gonna have a relationship because there’s a lag for everything.

So keep an old school, we need to be talking about the network.

And let me tell you, I am an introvert. And a lot of you can relate to this. I hate getting out there and doing these kinds of things. But I know if it’s part of my business, or if there are ways I can have a buddy go along with me, or is there somebody in my company that I can delegate this to, and where I’m working on the doing the things and they’re doing the network and stuff, that’s important, but right now networks, because I’ve gone virtual, they’ve shut down, we are so busy in our world, figuring out what we need to do, we’re so internalized with all this, we forget, there’s a whole lot of other people out there that are in similar situations, or need our services, and we don’t even know it, or they have customers that can do it. So you know, back to the chambers of commerce is very old school. I was talking to one in my area, that nobody is promoting anything as far as information and trying to get education out there. It’s like, yeah, we need people to talk to other businesses. Can you come to talk to some service-based businesses about what they should be focusing on right now? Sure. So that was a whole another network that I haven’t explored, or I haven’t explored in a while, that I can use to build my business right now.

So if you are a plumber, there are other people in your area that you could be contacting that would need your services, there is if you’re a dentist, there’s somebody out in this area that needs dental services, your chiropractor, there’s somebody out there in the services in your area that needs your services, but they just don’t know or you forgot about you, you might have had a connection with them once upon a time, but it’s kind of drifted off. It’s like friendships, you have got to keep them healthy and revitalize. And if you don’t tend to it, it disappears or it dies. So is when it comes to your network of support, you need to be on top of mind. So not only just marketing, what you do to your customers or potential customers but also other people in your area that have a herd already, they have customers and clients that can use your services, too. And so getting out there and networking and getting that back on there. And you can do it virtually right now. You can do it


via email, but it’s that connection is that some kind of say,

The thing is, you don’t go in there, like an unwelcome stereotypical salesman, or, if you’re selling insurance, you don’t want to be that guy or that gal that’s pushy and annoying.

“You know, hey, I’m Joe, I sell insurance if you have you checked your life insurance lately?”

 When you go to network, and you’re reaching out to these people you give first.

“Great to see you. wonderful to see you. Hey, how’re things going with you right now? What can I do for you? What can I help you in your business and make it happen?”

It’s always from a position of giving.

 Because right now everyone is so internalized with their own issues, they need someone safe, and to know you’re there to help and support them going through. So they need you to give first. And the easiest, one of the easiest ways you can do this. And when you’re building your network and looking to expand out his look for complementary businesses, people have similar audiences, but you don’t do the same thing. So, you know, for a dentist, a lot of times we looked at the chiropractor when I had my dental practice, we work in a service base for our office, we the vet, you know, they had people to my people had animals, it just worked really well together. We had a relationship. They were a patient of my office, My animals were patients of their office, I knew a lot of details about what they did, I had no trouble recommending but they had to, I had to put it out there and say, hey, let’s talk about each other.

So complimentary services from other service providers in your area.

If you’re a physical therapist or excuse me or a physical trainer, is there a nutritionist, a dietician, somebody that complements that do that? They have similar audiences, but they’re not exactly the same. So what are those businesses? And if you don’t have those relationships, reach out to them. Say, Hey, I, you know, I noticed you’re new in town, or you’ve been here and we’ve never met, what can I do to recommend your services? Tell me a little bit about you. What is so great about your office? What do you guys do that is unique? What are you really proud of? What can I take in and promote your business?

And then once we have that conversation, say, Hey, can I ask you a favor? This is what we do in our business. This is what we do in our business. How do you have an audience that would support that? How can we make that happen? Because it’s about that relationship building and making it happen. So it’s not just with your customers, your clients, your patients, it’s with the people who do service. And then when we bring it all together, it’s about serving First, so they need you as much as you need them. And there are wonderful people. And if it doesn’t work out with somebody, there’s another person down the road, don’t give up on that.

 If you got away from doing that, come back, do it again, and making it happen, do it. So it’s all about bringing it back together and making it happen.

So your old school assignment for this week is to do two things,

]1) re-initiate your network. So people in your community that you can be networking with, who are new to your circles, or some people that you have to re-energize and reintroduce yourself.

2)And then to look for complementary businesses that you can work with, that can use your services and your clients could use their services and make it happen. It’s all about the yin and the yang, we want to do this together, just sharing the love for your community making that happen. And if you’re in-person services, or you’re virtual, there is somebody across the road or across the country that would still serve your clients and your customers. So it helped them help them first, and then they can help you second. So I want you to know that your mission this week, I want you to go through and make a list of it. This is an old school lesson that I had to relearn myself to this week, I forgot all about it because it just seems so I’ve already done it, you didn’t watch it, you forgot it, you fall away, this is something you need to keep turning up, turn it up, turn it up.

Set up a calendar

And I’d even go through in your calendar and set for about every quarter, or you know every three to four months to go back and redo these relationships or to cycle through and do it. So you know, the first quarter I might be doing building relationships with one similar market, and the next quarter, I might go visit another one. And they just have on my calendar. So it never gets off there. 

Because if they believe in you, and you show love and to help them in their business first, they’re going to support you back. And again, if it doesn’t work out, no sweat, go on, there’s another business can help you. 

So that is what we wanted to go through and share for our big tip for this week. And sharing that making that happen.


So that’s what I want to share with you this week and making it happen. So that is your assignment. Go do it. Take care of it. 

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