Your Non-Negotiable Ways To Start Your Morning

Insider insight on 3 non-negotiable steps to do each morning that will grow your practice.

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs have a lot of commonalities.  One of the biggest one is having a set routine each day.  A routine takes away the need for extra energy for everyday decision-making and creates habits for productivity.  When you work for yourself, you are the livelihood of your practice.  Which is why I want to share a little insider insight into my personal (and business life) and give you 3 steps for success I do every day.  No matter what.

These are consistent things I did daily when running my practice and in running my marketing business now.

The first and foremost tip is daily exercise first thing in the morning.  Now, before you start groaning, hear me out.  It is super important for many reasons, which is why I have made it, whether I like it or not, a priority every morning.  I am not a person that just loves to workout but I know it’s necessary not just for my body but also for my bank account.  I see all too often most dentists get up and barely drag themselves into work each morning seconds before the first patient arrives.  But what you are really doing is showing the world you are not that serious about your business.  No one is ever going to be more serious about your practice than you, and if that’s the attitude you are showing that is what you’re going to get back.

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Every morning I dedicate 30 minutes to taking a walk in the park, using my exercise bike, or maybe the workout machine if I’m really feeling it.  It wakes you up and gets the blood flowing, especially to your brain.  You are telling your mind and body, ‘I’m serious, I’m ready to get this day started with a bang’.

When you are the backbone to your business you have to treat your body with a certain level of respect and daily exercise really helps you maintain that.  In the video, I share my other two tips that will be much easier to accomplish once you achieve step one.

And I can assure you, if you do these 3 things each morning, you will begin to see a difference in yourself, mental and physical, and in the way your practice runs as well.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • My personal 3 daily steps for success
  • How important exercise really is
  • How to work your brain muscle as well
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,