Your “BIG” Why

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses how knowing “Your Big Why” will help you enjoy your life and be successful in your dental practice.

To start  the New Year, a lot of people have big plans, big intentions and ,of course, goal setting. But all these things are empty shells without “The Big WHY” behind them.

Why are you doing what you want to do?

Why are you in the profession you are in?

“To make a good living” is not enough of a reason for you to fulfill your purpose.

Without clear intentions and motivations, results tend to be hampered.  In the course of building a business over time, ‘The Why’ tends to be forgotten.   Going back to that will help you to plan and keep on track what you really want to accomplish not only in your practice, but in your personal life.

It is necessary to know those things for you to do what makes you happy and successful.

In this video, we cover tips for you to recognize your “Big  Why” and grow your dental practice.

  1. Why are you a dentist?
  2. Practicing the way  you really want to.
  3. Reassessment 

Watch the video for the full details on how knowing “Your Big Why” will help you enjoy your profession and be successful in your dental practice.

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