Words That Get Your Ideal Prospects Attention

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Words That Get Your Ideal Prospects Attention]

If you’re doing any social media, Google Adwords, designing a website, running print ads, whatever it is… 

There are some tried and true rules that really work for helping your conversion on the marketing side. 

And of course, marketing is just the first step. When we do an advertisement, it’s the first step in your whole marketing system from the way you answer the phone to how you process your follow-up.   All those things are part of a bigger system.

That’s why we’re diving in to spend a little time on what I call “Marketing Makeover Minute” where we focus on that first little step and give you some inspiration and help you can make things happen.

This marketing example is from a financial planner and I’m going to show you how tweaking some wording will increase response from your next marketing piece.

Watch the quick video above for the full makeover and inspiration for your marketing.