Why We Can’t Cut Our Own Hair And Other Problems From Looking In the Mirror


Ladies will admit this more than men. 

We will get in a bind and need a trim at some point to ‘take scissors’ in our own hand to rectify the situation with a few snip, snips.

I was a major offender until my hair stylist banned me from doing it any more because she was tired of fixing the mess I created. It might have looked fine from the front but not always so great from the sides or the back.

The problem is I can’t see everything from my limited perceptive from the mirror.

God designed me in the animal kingdom as a ‘predator’ with eyes on the front of my face so I can see forward to where my next meal is coming from.    As opposed to something like a deer or rabbit, which’s eyes are on the sides so they can see attackers coming. 

When it comes to perceptive, the challenges of self-haircutting and being able to address the obstacles in our own practice are very similar.  You have limited information to take to action on.

I have invested a small fortune in working with coaches and mentors to grow my business and to see my situation because I had limited perception.  Over the past 12 months, I have gotten some advice that would have floored me 3 years ago because I wasn’t in a place where I could receive it.

We can’t look at our own obstacles objectively because we carry all this baggage around that we are emotionally bogged down in the problem.  We spend more time with our issues than we do with our loved ones.

They are with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And unlike the post office, they don’t take the day off for legal holidays.

I do the same for my clients.  I’ve already been there, done that, and got the T-shirt and bags under my eyes from the lost sleeping from dealing with it.  My clients get the shortcut solution version because they don’t have to go through all of it alone.

I was working with a client this week on getting more new patients.  He knew he wanted more patients because that’s what you’re supposed to want.  He reported that he struggled with this and had been trying to grow his practice for years.

When I asked him what type of new patients he wanted, he got quiet and then said he really didn’t know.  Sensing his frustration, I guided him along by asking what type of patients he didn’t want.

He quickly answered, “The ones I’ve been getting.  They are all pains in the butts. Always complaining, moaning.  They don’t accept any treatment.”

When I asked him how often he was dealing with these ‘pains’ and how often he thought about them, he replied, “ALL THE TIME!”

He was only focused on the negative.   His mindset was off and he was putting out vibes because these problem patients were all he visualized. 

He didn’t even take the time to imagine what type of patient he wanted.

 He Was Also More Focused on the “How” to Get Patients, Then the Results!

We quickly solved the “How” barrier and freed him mind by starting a Mobile Marketing for Dentists program for him that run everything on auto pilot.  

He didn’t have to worry about learning a program or software, he didn’t need to take staff off of important tasks to implement it, and he didn’t have to fill his mind with the details of getting that up and running on a consistent basis because we did everything for him.

Mobile marketing targets the 91% of the general population that have a mobile phone.  It works well he can niche market to his idea patient, offer them something of high value and educate them as he BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP with them…all automatically.

By the end of our coaching call, his voice sounded lighter and he even chuckled.  His frustrations where gone because we had seen the problem from all sides and I was able to offer him a solution that removed the psychology barriers.

He was now free to focus on what he did well and loved…dentistry.  And left the rest to my team and me.  

If you want more information about the getting more niche specific patients to grow you patient through the power of Mobile Marketing, go to http://www.MobileMarketingForDentists.com