Who’s Coaching Right For?

Fast Track Your Results

If you are interested in creating dramatic results in shorter time, then being part of my private coaching and mastermind program is probably for you.

This is your opportunity to work privately with me ON YOUR PRACTICE.  We work together as a team, along with your key marketing and patient attraction person, to get laser focused on getting you where you want to be.

Here’s how we can work together FOR your practice:

-We work to get crystal clear where you are and where you want to be to build a doable plan with structure and systems to carry you there.

-We find the first areas that can create the quickest results and start there as we expand your patient attraction and growth plan.

Get just in time information:  With today’s busy practices, you don’t have time to learn every about everything and still have time to treat patients.  You’ll get only the information you need right now to free you up to do more so you are always up to date and not overwhelmed.

Exclusive access to work one on one with me.  I reserve my attention for dentists who are committed, not merely interested.  I take on an active role in helping you achieve more of what you want to achieve by taking a vested interest in your success.

-Hand holding as we do this in a step by step manner:  I’m working with you and your team each month as we break down every obstacle that comes up to derail your action path.

-Innovative thinking:  You get access to exclusive marketing and patient attraction information that you can’t get anywhere else.  I bring to my coaching clients a private day of teaching and coaching during our group mastermind meetings. These are the hidden gems that few dentists even know about (let alone are able to master) to explode your growth.  I will share my best practices, give you examples, resources, and ‘cheat sheets’ to help you along your journey.

-Community support:  As a private client, you are part of my mastermind group of like minded dentists who are open to sharing their experiences so you can benefit from it on your journey as we meet once a quarter.  These private meetings are for the doctor and the key marketing person in the office.


Is the Coaching and Mastermind Program right for you?

Are you able to answer ‘Yes’ to the following?

  • Are you a solo practitioner and are you producing at least $750k+ annually?
  • OR – Are you the solo owner of a multi-doctor practice producing at least $1.5mil+ annually?
  • Do you have 1.5 hygienists or more working in your office?
  • Do you market in your office but it’s not consistent?
  • Are you looking to make dramatic increases?
  • Are you looking to increase your practice’s value?
  • Do you want to take home more this year than last year?
  • Do you want to work smarter NOT harder?
  • Do you want to avoid reinventing the wheel?
  • Do you want proven strategies to get more patients?
  • Are you truly committed to creating results rather than merely interested?
  • Do you want your team to be more accountable for results?


 If you were able to answer YES to the above questions YOU this is perfect for you.  You would benefit tremendously from my coaching program!

There are 2 levels of membership in the Coaching and Masterminding group – Gold and Diamond

Each has their own level of benefits and qualifications to be part of it.

Gold members receive the monthly coaching and  quarterly mastermind benefits as well as access to Mobile Marketing For Dentists System.

Diamond members receive all the benefits of the Gold membership PLUS access to private in office consultations from me and my resource team of profit explorers, an emergency hotline for help as you need it, additional one on one opportunities throughout your membership period, and much much more!

NOTE:  Due to the amount of interaction and intense work I do with my Diamond members, membership is limited to 3 doctors per year.


All Coaching and Mastermind membership is on an application only basis.  It’s not right for every dentist.

This is a sacred group of progressing dentists and I want to make sure it is a right fit for all.


If you are a progressive, advancing dentist looking to take your ‘good practice to a great one’, go ahead and apply by contacting my Client Coordinator at Results@GingerBratzel.com