Where Do You Find The Time To Do It All…running a practice, dental marketing, dental team development?

Time management in your dental practice can be a ‘woo-woo’ alternative word to many in the same category as mind reading, meditation, or yak hair weaving.  (Okay, I’m joking about the yak hair thing.)


We’ve all heard it, probably read a dozen books on it, attempted to organize our life according to the latest guru who is going to appear on the hot talk show (not Oprah anymore), and FAILED miserably.


Why is taming time a mystery?  And should you even care?


It’s easiest to answer the 2nd question I posed first because if you are reading this, you do care about it to some degree.  The amount of crap that comes in and out of our life is overwhelming!  And getting a hold of our time is critical so we can not only survive but thrive.


I was going to give you a list of tips I use but what’s the point.  I don’t want to fall into the same trap that I’ve already laid out in the 3rd paragraph.


But what I’m going to share with you is a little tool that I started using that cost less than $250  and not only freed up my time, but also my mind, my desk, and most of all…my creativity.


I got a Fujitsu Scan Snap S1300.  It is a compact, super fast scanner that takes up as much room on my desk as a 3-hole punch (which I don’t need anymore as I’m about to demonstrate).


I hate scanners, and up until now, I haven’t found one that is worth a poop.  This one is the exception.


I chose it because I have become a fan of Mac books and the Neat Desk doesn’t always work well with Mac according to my research.  (Google the reviews for yourself.)


Now instead of having piles of paper on my desk, I have my laptop and my new best friend, “Snappy”, as I like to call him.  No longer am I filing stuff or punching holes to put it into notebooks for reference later.


It imports items as pdfs, right to excel or word, and it has a feature to import business cards right into address book.


It scans both sides faster than I can get another pile of papers together to insert into its speedy rollers.  It is so easy, my 4 year old and 9 year old are making extra money running it for me as I clean out filing cabinets.


Since I don’t have clutter on my desk, I am more productive.  Right now I only have a pile of checks (because I like looking at money and you should too) in front of me, my laptop, and “Snappy”. 


Here’s a link to Amazon where I got mine.  It had free fast shipping included when I ordered it and I was up and scanning in no time!