When to invite a friend or family member to attend the first dental visit for improved case conversion

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about how inviting a friend or family member

can be beneficial for case acceptance.

Treatment plan acceptance happens way before the patient is sitting in a chair looking at their dental chart. She is giving you clues to where she is in the process along the way from the first contact or phone call before she has even scheduled an appointment.

Even though dental work is considered a healthcare decision, it is still a financial transaction. And to the patient, it is a very emotional decision. If you take the extra time to actively listen on your patient’s initial phone call, you can often read between the lines and catch the clues they are giving you about where they are in the buying process…

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Often times, an office will have an inexperienced person answering the phones. This can be a very critical
mistake. We want to make sure we are educating and empowering our front lines to get more information and give more information on that first phone call.

For example, maybe the patient sounds overwhelmed by the decision, you could suggest that they invite a friend or spouse to tag along…someone they turn to when they need help making big decisions. If your patient feels comfortable, they are more likely to say yes to treatment.

Watch the full video and learn more about how we break down those clues and take action.