Using The Element Of Surprise

A business lesson from Coke that will help create lasting memories with your patients that will keep them coming back to you.

Whenever I’m in Atlanta I always make a point to visit the World Of Coke, and since I was here for the Hinman Dental Meeting naturally I paid them another visit.  So I am continuing my ‘on the road’ momentum from my second favorite place on Earth, next to Disneyland of course.

I love watching Coke’s marketing strategies.  They are very good at portraying a certain image and being very passionate about putting the ‘you’ (the customer) in their success formula.  So I have another example from them you can easily incorporate in your practice to help you get and keep more patients courtesy of Coca-Cola.

I came across this phenomenal strategy after we finished our tour of the facility and were looking around the gift shop.  As people were standing in line with their purchases they had an opportunity to add to their purchase in line with an up-sell in the form of something they call “The Surprise”.

Click on the video image below to watch.

They had three packages on the wall (sizes small, medium, and large) each with a different price point, and they were called surprise packs.  And the kicker that really set it off was if someone purchased a surprise pack, all the cashiers in unison would yell ‘Surprise’!  I watched first-hand how it created excitement and made more and more people want to purchase the upgrade.

You didn’t know what was inside and you didn’t know it was coming, which made it that much more exciting to make the purchase and finally see what was inside.  So, how does this tie into your business?

Whenever you surprise a patient unexpectedly it creates an experience for them.  It adds an emotional component and ties a lasting memory with you.  It can come in many forms like an upsell (like in the Coke example) but also the excitement of an unexpected gift or added value that they receive at no additional charge.

A lot of places will send patients a card for their birthday, which is great, but the patient kind of expects it and isn’t surprised they are getting another birthday card in the mail.  So what is another occasion you could surprise them a card that is unique to them to cement your relationship?  In the video I tell you exactly what that is, and it’s hardly any extra work for you because your dental software does the legwork for you.

So, take a few minutes to what the video and see you how you introduce the element of surprise into your office and create lasting memories with your patients that will keep them choosing your office again and again.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Business lesson from Coca-Cola
  • The element of surprise in your dental office
  • Surprising your patients with the unexpected to keep them coming back to you
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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