Using The B.A.M. Project To Avoid Disaster In Your Practice

Being prepared for disaster ensures your dental practice’s success.

Like many of the topics I like to share with you this one came from a personal experience that is always on our minds here in Oklahoma.  The place I have unapologetically decided to lay my family roots down is smack in the middle of tornado alley, and when you live in an area that has a nickname about our weather, it’s safe to say we have our fair share of storms.  And while I know we aren’t the only area with crazy weather, we do know the value of being prepared.

To help our kids feel more prepared and empowered during natural disasters the Red Cross recently came into our schools and presented the Pillow Case project.  They gave each kid a pillowcase printed right in there on the fabric the bare minimum items to put in the case to prepare them for a natural disaster.  The items were things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, tennis shoes, a flashlight, a comforting stuffed animal, etc.…

The kids keep it under their beds and are ready to go when the moment hits.  This pillowcase gave them a task they needed to complete and give them comfort in having control of the situation.  They replaced uncertainty with preparation.


Click on the video image below to watch.

I took this idea and formed it into a project for my clients and I call it the B.A.M. Project.   The words may seem harsh but I’m just going to spell it out – B.A.M. stands for Bare Ass Minimum.

What’s the B.A.M. you need to have to keep your practice running without skipping a beat in any situation?  I’m not necessarily talking about natural disasters but the daily disasters that come up in running a business.  What happens if a key team member who keeps the whole office running is unexpectedly out?  What if your backup procedures on your office computers don’t work and you lose data?  What if something happens to the doctor and they’re unexpectedly out?

Take a few minutes to watch the video where I give you all the steps you need to put your practice emergency kit together.  It doesn’t take much to derail success so I explain how you can ensure each critical department will continue running at high capacity, no matter what emergency comes, up by using the pillowcase example.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • How the pillowcase project can help your practice
  • How to put your practice’s emergency preparedness kit together
  • The bare minimum needed to run at high capacity
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for yourself and for your practice.
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