Unleash the Potential in You…Put Away The Computer For Awhile

Tips on Unleashing the Potential in You to Grow Your Dental Practice More by Using Low Tech Tools to Create High Level Results. 

Want to untap limitless growth ???

It’s possible with the power of brainstorming plus action.


NoteI recently spent time at Disney World and one of my favorite activities is looking for books related to how a sketch of a tiny little, round mouse turned into a multi-billion dollar company that has defined generations worldwide.

Brainstorming Book

Two of the books I came home with and recommend is “Brainstorm” by Don Haun, director of many of Disney’s top animated films and “The Imagineering Workbook” to get you started and give you some activities to unleash your creativity in the Disney Way.  Make sure you get actual book and skip the e-reader on these two because that an important part of the exercise.

-Best, Ginger

We live now in a high tech world. And I’m always working with dentists on mobile marketing.  We talk about automation and follow-up. And I can say that it’s all very high tech. But sometimes, we have to go back to the “old school” and put technology aside for a moment for the traditional pen and paper.

How do you do that?

How do you get started with it?

Well, the easiest way to do it is picking up a pen and  just start doodling as you let your mind go.

As dentists we use high tech tools to treat patients.   We are artisans and we use computers  and technology to run our practices and lives.   The parts of our brains associated with that get well developed.

Our cellphones, our computers, everything is so automated. But there’s a very different part of our brains we use when we leave the technology behind.

And we can find those untapped ideas and thought patterns that open us up to other possibilities.


The famous book, “Drawing With The Right Side Of Your Brain” also explores the mysteries of mind’s potential.

Take time  to sit down and strategically think differently (as the Apple commercial goes) and see what do you want, how are you going to do it, and you will be surprised with some practice what you can dream AND achieve.

In my office, I have an 8-foot tall dry erase board. So, when I have any big idea or project, I can map it out. I have 3 different color pens and as soon as an idea pops up, I’m start to write it down quickly.

With that exercise, I also see a bigger picture.

 I do this when I have to write dental marketing, or create  copy.  When I’m doing a design for a campaign for a private client or doing coaching for a dentist, it all starts with a blank sheet of paper or a blank dry erase board and we start it all there first.

Give me a dry erase board and I can change your practice!

So, my advice is to go low tech regularly.