Turning Good Karma Into Marketing To Attract Prospects

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Turning Good Karma Into Marketing To Attract Prospects]

Marketing is not just one ad.  It’s a whole system with a starting intention, a strategic plan, and a series of event that leads to a desired action.

For this Marketing Makeover Minute, we’re going to talk about a particular marketing example from an orthodontics office that I think a lot of you with small businesses in a local community can appreciate.

It starts with a good understanding of your ideal customer, where they hang out, and how to get their attention.

By focusing in on that, you’re not marketing to everybody.  You really dial it down. If you have a message if you do a specific service for a certain type of person, or clientele or family, you can really zoom in there.

Every business has these little niches where we can zoom in. Now this particular person is an orthodontist and he’s using a tight zip code publication that happens to be in his area and is the highest per capita income in the entire state.

If I was an orthodontist, and someone has discretionary income to spend, I want to be in that area.  His office is conveniently located across from a junior high, which is important in this conversation. He’s doing a lot of positioning here in close proximity to his ideal client.

And he’s using a community involvement tool to create goodwill that is attracting more of his ideal families.

Click here to watch the full video where I break down the good, what he missed, and give you ideas to get more out of your efforts.