Make Work Travel Productive and Easy

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Make Work Travel Productive and Easy]


Do you like to travel?

Do You find it stressful?

We are all about being more productive and using tools to get more done with less time. To do that, I wanted to dive into this week and drop in and share one of the tips that I think is valuable for you, related to travel. We’ll be traveling again, the world’s going to unfreeze. In fact, the time of this training is being released, I am traveling.

This is something that’s near and dear to my heart, something we’ve always used. So when we have clients come us for masterminds, and they’re traveling here, this is a resource I share with them to keep them organized and make that process seamless. And so since I’m traveling I thought I would share it with you.

And it’s called There’s a paid version and a free version start with a free version. But what it does is it syncs all your reservations for a trip that comes in those confirmations from emails, and put them all in one folder in your TripIt app. It can upload that to your personal calendar and sync it through there.

When the flight confirmation comes in, the hotel, you have a car rental, maybe there are tickets to an event or something like that, I can send all those through a special email that’s automatically set up to my travel folder, and it will put them all together for me. So I’m not looking for reservations.

And now the wonderful thing about us is it’s all synced into my calendar, and I have the time setup like when check-in and check-out is and what confirmation number is associated with it.   I can share that information with anyone else traveling with me or my husband if he stays behind so he can know my itinerary.

One place, we can put everything together. And we’re all organized. So when I have offices come, and it’s going to be two or three people from the same company coming together for a mastermind, one person is making the reservations, but they’re sharing it across all of the other people.

Nobody is lost, nobody’s confused, nobody’s showing up at the wrong hotel, because everyone knows exactly where it is.

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