How Much Time and Money To Spend On Marketing

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [How Much Time and Money On Marketing]

I was on Ross Brandon’s “Financial Flossing” podcast and he asked me some questions that I get all the time

How much time and money to spend on marketing? And what should you watch out for?

Here’s what we talked about…

“So the question I get all the time is like, how much time should I invest in marketing? How much of the budget and your money guy? So I tell again, I said write down these two numbers, 100 and zero, because honestly, everything you do in your business from the way you open up your mouth, the way you answer the phone, you know, the impression you come that is marketing, it is something you do for somebody. So it’s 100% going on in your practice at all times. So if you say I’m not into marketing, then you don’t have a business. It’s you have to be marketing, in some ways, internal-external is image-driven. You know, I find it because I come from both the worlds of marketing and dentistry. This is where I get on my soapbox here and I talk to my dental colleagues about it. When I go to marketing events, so I’ll meet some guys yeah, I’m seeing this is all the time yeah, ‘I’m gonna start doing websites. I’m really good at this or I’m going to start this SEO thing.”

 The marketing world will say “Hey, the first people to go after and are the easiest targets are dentists. “

I don’t want dentists wasting their time and money on things that don’t work.  Don’t fall under the pressure of someone trying to sell you a silver bullet.  Systems and strategies always outperform gimmicks.