There Is A Big Difference Between Features And Benefits

Two simple words that seem very similar but are actually very different when it comes to talking to your customers.


It’s been my experience that anytime I’ve encountered a business owner that isn’t happy with their numbers or their production; it isn’t by lack of expertise in their field. 

All the dentists I’ve met are really good at dentistry.  They are skilled professionals who really know their stuff but for some reason they are having a hard time conveying it to their patients to get them in the door.

It’s most likely because you haven’t explained the benefits to choosing you or your recommended services in a way they care about or understand.  So I want to give you two little words that will give your marketing message power to resonate with your customers and increase your conversions.  You have to apply your marketing in a way that is customer or patient focused, not you or product focused.


Let’s say I sell tires and I’m trying to let people know I have the best tires out there.  They are made with a new formula of rubber that is the best of the best, with great PSI and inflation retention.  So you list all these great stats and features but no one comes to buy your tires.

Because you just told them a bunch of stuff they aren’t shopping for.  If I’m in the market to buy tires, I don’t wake up thinking, ‘Man, I need tires with excellent PSI!’  I’m probably thinking I need tires that are safe, are going to last, and are great for long trips because I travel a lot.

You can change the entire outcome of your marketing by simply adding the words ‘which means’ to make that transition to your vocabulary.  ‘I have these great tires made out of the best rubber, giving you lasting PSI WHICH MEANS you don’t have to worry about blow outs.  You will be safe driving your kids around in all types of weather and they will be a long lasting investment for your car and your safety.’

See how I completely turned that around by adding those two simple words and explaining the benefits in a way they care about.  This is essentially what you are trying to tell them just not in words they care about and understand.  You have to bridge that gap between facts and benefits that resonates with them.  If you employ these two simple words when talking with your customers you will really start to see a change in your conversions.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between features and benefits
  • Promoting yourself in a way your customers care about
  • How two little words can make a big difference in your conversions
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,