The ZMOT Concept

ZMOT, ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ and how it applies to how your dental patients decide to choose you.

I am always rooting for you to get more patients and keep more patients.  So this topic comes from a concept coined by Google called ZMOT, ‘Zero Moment of Truth’: meaning the moment someone starts to consider that they even need your services or product.

I’m sure you heard about the Mercedes study many, many years ago. That study found that when consumers were in making high end purchases they needed 5-8 positive points of contact before they made the decision to buy the product.

For a long time Google has been on the forefront of gathering data through the internet. And they have done research on consumer purchases and how buying behaviors have changed over the years.

Google has more recently discovered since the Mercedes study, now in the information age, that number has increased greatly. And not just for high-end purchases. It’s for ALL purchases.

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Approximately 10 years ago consumers needed about 18 points of positive contact before they will even purchase an aspirin or ink cartridge for their printer. And as of two years ago that number had nearly doubled to 30.Consumers are looking for more information and wanting more positive enforcement before they will purchase and the Internet has enabled this need.

We have such easy (and constant) access to any information. You can ‘Google’ anything and find thousands of other people’s reviews and opinions about anything or topic.

This includes your patients. When they are shopping around for a dentist they are searching for you online and social media. They are looking at your reviews and what others have to say about you. So that means you have to put out more content so that your patients can find you and choose you.

In the video I explain the ZMOT concept further and how you can use this to get more dental patients and how that shapes your dental marketing. I’ll coach you through dental strategies so this works for your benefit, not against it. I’ll explain how you can help your patients find you and make the decision easy for them to choose you.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • ZMOT and how it applies to you
  • How to get more patients
  • How to make yourself more present online
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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