The False Myth Of Being Productive

Are you being productive or are you just doing busy work?


I’m willing to bet we are all too familiar with a to-do list.  I’m also willing to bet we all have one that feels like it’s a mile long.  Being a lover of lists myself (I am a devoted Bullet Journal user), I know there is a great sense of pride when you are able to check things off that to-do list.

But I’m here to bust the false myth about being busy.

It’s really easy to find busy work to do.  But I want help you become more productive and get away from the craziness of chasing your to-do list.

There are two types of ways you can spend your time and focusing on your to-do list isn’t one of them.  Everything you do can be categorized as either a ‘red activity’ or a ‘green activity’.  Red is your all too familiar to-do list things, and most days it’s easy to get caught up in checking things off of that never ending list.


But you should really be focusing on the ‘green activities’.  Green because they are things that can make you money.  Where you are focusing your time on truly being productive, not just filling your time with busy work.

Eight percent of your time should be focused on those green activities.

All too often what happens when you notice your production (money making time) is down, you start getting antsy and trying to fill your time.  And you fill that time with busy work, those red activities, to make you feel like you’re doing something.  Trust me I totally get it, it’s a natural reaction.

Which is why I’m pointing it out, because you probably don’t realize you’re doing it.  The problem with these red activities is you then become too busy focusing on them that the green activities get pushed to the side.

I suggest giving yourself some quite time to sit down and reset your focus.  Put a currency on what your time is really worth and honor that, for yourself and your business.  And get out of the ‘busy trap’ you’re stuck on.


In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between being busy and being productive
  • Things you should really be focusing your time on
  • Increasing your production
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
I wish you nothing but success,