Testimonial – Tammie Bissa Kingsley Dental Marketing Workshop

Tammie Bissa Kingsley talks about the value of attending a live event and the helpful things she learned.


I was interested in the live event because I didn’t know that we could do all the things that we learned during this training. I was shocked by all of the tools that Ginger taught us that we can do with reaching patients.

When I found out Ginger was having a live event, I signed up pretty quickly, because I knew the value of being here live and I’ve been following Ginger for a long time. I could tell that she was a real person and I wanted to spend some time to see how she could benefit us.

I’m excited to start using this new marketing in our office! While we were here, Ginger had us “rip the band-aid” off and create dental marketing right on the spot. I’m so ready to answer the phone since people are going to be calling, because of what we created!

I believe that we got a lot of up to date information about what is working now at the event because it is constantly changing. She taught us what to look for when things do change!

Working with Ginger live was great! Ginger is matter of fact, she coaches you through, gives you suggestions, and will tell you what best to do.

Tammie Bissa Kingsley
Sacremento, CA