Testimonial – Roxzanne Amos DMD Gold Meeting Testimonial

Roxzanne Amos DMD explains the benefits of working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel on marketing and attending Gold Meetings.

I had no idea how to market my business or what a profit loss statement was when I first started. To market my practice I was trying to do things in the community like volunteering, I did dental presentations, would sponsor local sport teams, yellow page ads, and so much more. I never had an organized thing or a plan. I was throwing things out there and waiting to see what stuck.

Thanks to Ginger, I feel a lot more confident now that I have a plan that is mapped out for the calendar year. There are aspects that my assistant does and aspects that I do. I also feel good when I get more patients and know that they’re from all different sources.   If you need help with a marketing structure Ginger is there to help. The monthly calls we have were really helpful if we got stuck on something and Ginger was able to tell us either to keep it or get rid of it.

It’s been fun with the patients too, because you’re doing little nice things for them so it creates some excitement for them.

Results show what we have put into our practice. By working with Ginger, we were able to apply this program and increase our patience five- to six-fold.

These meetings are nice, because as we go through them someone might say something and they can be beneficial to someone else’s practice. The meetings are a great comfortable environment. Everyone is more than happy to share what they’ve struggled with, how they have dealt with it, and the difference that it made.

Roxzanne Amos, DMD
Virginia Beach, VA