Testimonial – Nicole Brill Dental Marketing Workshop

Nicole Brill talks about how the event helped her learn different ways to market and attract different demographics.

My experience at the live event was fantastic! I’m glad that I came because I got a lot of information out of these two days.

My big take away from learning about dental marketing was to start looking at our practice in a different light. I came in looking at our practice from one angle and this event allowed me to see that there are different ways to look at the marketing and the demographics that we are targeting.

If you have reservations about coming to one of Ginger’s live events, you need to forget about those reservations and just do it! You have to just jump right in and get started because it is where dentistry is headed.

Working with Ginger was really great! I feel like I got a lot more from being here and interacting with a live person!

Nicole Brill
Sacramento, Ca