Testimonial – Nancy Bilbruck


Nancy Bilbruck of Compton Dental Center praises her practice’s results from working with Ginger Bratzel, and how the presentation was able to put things into perspective and give her a renewed vision.
"We have worked with Dr. Ginger in the past and got good results. But last year we decided to become members of her Coaching Program and she really moved our practice forward. We had a record year this past year (and in a down economy) and a large part of that is due to working with her.
We have increased our new patients this past month, we are doing better and our production is moving right along with our collections.
The presentation was wonderfully presented, and didn’t feel like it was “canned” or off the cuff. She spoke with compassion about something she cared about and about what she wanted for us. I wanted to attend something that would be relevant to what I actually need. There is always fun with games and laughter.”
Nancy Bilbruck
Munster, IN