Testimonial – Marc Schwartz, DDS

Dr. Marc Schwartz shares his experience after attending his first private Mastermind meeting with Dr. Bratzel as a private client and how he is glad he decided to join the program.

“Hi I’m Marc Schwartz, a dentist from Plantation Florida, near Fort Lauderdale.  I’m here in Oklahoma City attending my first Coaching program meeting with Ginger.

“I’ve known Ginger a long time but this is the first time I’ve decided to go into her coaching program and I’m glad I did.  I’m learn so much here, there are things I just would have never thought to do, and I can immediately go back on Monday and implement these things into the practice.

“Anybody who is looking to improve their practice, get new patients, and enjoy the patients you already have, Ginger is the one to do it.  It’s an intimate setting and you get a lot of one on one contact.  If you want quick response to problems you have, Ginger’s the one that will help you do it.  I highly recommend to anybody who’s looking for success that we’re looking to have in our office.  Thank you”

Marc Schwartz, DDS
Plantation, FL