Testimonial – Lina Arias


Lina Arias shares her experience after attending Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s Facebook Intensive Day; going from never used Facebook to ready to start managing the Facebook page for her dental office.

“My name is Lina.  I am from Plantation Florida, and I work with Dr. Marc Schwartz in Advanced Dentistry of Plantation.

I don’t have Facebook, I didn’t know how important it is and it’s another world that can take you to another level.  Ginger is great, very down to earth.  I was a little afraid of her at the beginning.  But she was great, the whole staff is great.  I had the best experience ever.
On Monday I am going back to the office and making posts on Facebook because now I know how to do it.  Thank you.”


Lina Arias, Team Member
Plantation, FL