Testimonial – Kent Smith DDS


Kent Smith, long time colleague, comments about how assuring it is to receive ideas from someone who has experience in the dental practice and knows the business.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and thought the content of the presentation was very good. It opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize were available to help my practice to attract patients. I had also never thought about ideas from other industries would work for a dental practice for attracting new patients. Learning from Ginger as someone familiar with the practice is a tremendous asset to learn from. 
What I enjoyed most was the exercises and the way everyone was able to freely share. No one acted as if a question was unimportant and everyone was very respectful. I always want to learn from programs that are genuine, sincere and also be able to take something back to help my patients and most importantly help the practice.   That’s what I got out of the event.”

Kent Smith
Edmond, OK