Testimonial – Katrina Rice Facebook Event


Katrina Rice shares the benefits she received from attending Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s Facebook Intensive Day, even though she has managed the Facebook page for her practice for a couple years now has a good system to make managing her page more efficient.


“My name is Katrina.  I am from the Cedar Rapids Smile Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I am the front office team leader and I do all the marketing there.  Today’s Facebook Intensive Day was pretty intense but I feel like got a lot of good information to take back to the office and start implementing our program.  I’ve been on Facebook for a couple years but we haven’t had a good system or calendar down so I’m excited to take that back and have certain days so we can get the posts out and get more patients involved in our office.  We can start having more new patients roll in every month from Facebook.”

Katrina Rice
Cedar Rapids, IA