Testimonial – Judy Bartlett Dental Marketing Workshop

Judy Bartlett explains how going to a live event is the best thing you can do.

If you have reservations about attending one of Ginger’s live events just do it! Coming to an event is the best thing you can do.

My experience was great! Ginger was wonderful to work with and very helpful.

It was amazing working with her one on one.

If you have the opportunity to bring another team member with you to one of Ginger’s trainings, do it! I brought someone who is more tech savvy than I am and it’s always better to have someone there to be able to bounce back ideas with since there’s just so much information! I’m excited to start adapting different things to certain audiences and pinpointing certain things that we want to do with certain objectives.

Ginger has a lot of knowledge about dental marketing and she always steers us in the direction of what not to do.

Judy Barlett
Fort Lauderdale, Florida