Testimonial – Emma Nilsson Dental Marketing Workshop

Emma Nilson explains how attending one of Dr. Bratzel’s live events can help you improve your connection with patients.

I came to this event to learn how to reach people we have a hard time reaching.

I definitely think our practice will benefit from the dental marketing and social media a lot more than I thought it would be able to. It was very helpful that Ginger knows a lot more about social media than I do; so, it was a lot of information, steps, and things we can do to improve the connection with patients.

This has definitely been an experience in learning new things. I think the most important strategy that I’ve learned that I’m excited to start using is how to reach out to people, how to be personal with them, and how to reach different people in society.

The best part about this is that working with Ginger has been great! She makes things fun and she interacts with you so you’re not just sitting there taking notes as you learn plus she holds you accountable to the things you’re supposed to be doing.

Emma Nilsson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida