Testimonial – Dennis Yossi DDS and Jennifer Lemon

Dr. Dennis Yossi and Jennifer Lemon talk about how working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel has really helped them to not just bring in patients, but more of the patients that they enjoy working with, as well as holding them accountable, which is really what is needed to make things happen.
“I’ve been practicing in Cedar Rapids, IA for about 33 years and have been a Mastermind Client of Ginger’s now for one full year. We find the experience here at this meeting is just awesome. It’s really full of content, stuff we can take right back to our office and implement right off the bat. Since we’ve been working with Ginger for this past year, we’re also getting re-introduced to things that maybe we’ve heard of awhile back, but maybe didn’t either understand or have time to implement yet. But second and third times through now, it’s really helping us out quite a bit to understand better strategies for marketing and really help to grow our practice. We’ve really expanded our knowledge of marketing, what to do, when to do it, and who – that’s the biggest thing, is the 'who'."
Dennis Yossi and Jennifer Lemon
Cedar Rapids, IA