Testimonial – Dennis Yossi DDS PYP 2014

Dennis Yossi speaks about how working with Dr. Ginger has helped turn his lowest producing month into the best ever with her strategic planning and solutions.
“This meeting is everything that you would expect.  It’s just been fantastic.  A lot of great information to this point in time.  I always enjoy it.  This is my third one and we always get really good ideas as far as building your practice and problem solving.  That’s one thing I have come to realize with Dr. Bratzel is that she can really help your practice grow, which our practice has done over these last two years.  Simply with the problem solving solutions that she can provide for us.  She can dig in deep and come up with some great solutions that will really help you out. 

For example, we know that always September is always one of our least productive months and for the last year we have been coming up with some possible solutions and ways to make September one of our best months ever.  With many strategies, and it’s not just one thing, it’s many, we have prepared fantastically well for this month.  To the point where this is going to be our best September ever, I think we are up $40,000 for the month, over our best month before!  I know we couldn’t have done it without Dr. Bratzel’s help.  She has just been fantastic.”

Dennis Yossi, DDS
Cedar Rapids, IA