Testimonial – Compton Dental Center 2014

Renda Riley, team member at Compton Dental Center, speaks about how Dr. Ginger has taught her so much about marketing and how far she has come in her marketing knowledge.
“I love coming to see Dr. Ginger!  I was actually hired with no marketing experience at all and what’s fantastic about it is, I’ve not only learned how to write newsletters and send out direct mail pieces.  But I also now know how to excite people into referring other people and knowing what the benefits are for the people versus what our services are.  That’s a lot of strategies I get when I come here, is telling people what they need verses what we can do, how we can help them I should say. 

It’s been tremendous with Dr. Ginger and she has given me the tools that I need.  The last thing I did was wrote and advertorial and for me to say I could do that is amazing!  Thank you Dr. Ginger!”

Renda Riley
Munster, IN