Testimonial – Charlie Vogel DDS


Charlie Vogel brags on how he would recommend Dr. Ginger Bratzel to almost any niche marketer, not just dentistry, although being dentist herself helps her relate to other dentists.
“I have an unusual practice where we do urgent care only and I’m really excited about getting into the ‘nits and grits’ of marketing, because having a practice that is about 3 years old, marketing is extremely important to us. We want to continue to grow our practice.
I was very excited to learn more about Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s niche marketing. She branched out into marketing much earlier in her life than most of us did, so she doesn’t have all of the biases and disconnects that go with being a dental marketer. She’s just a great marketer. I got some, I want to expand on some, and I want to learn a little bit more about some
The exercises, the material from the event, and the progression of ideas are what I liked most about the program. “
Charlie Vogel
Springfield, MO