Testimonial – Brad Parker DDS

Brad Parker speaks about all of Dr. Ginger’s expert marketing strategies he has learned.
“Here at Ginger Bratzel’s event, it’s been a wonderful day.  We have great people here.  We’ve had some good experiences together.  I’ve learned a lot from Ginger.  She’s been building; each hour is something new and something that builds on each other.  We’re getting into the strategies that will help us grow our practices.  It’s really up to date strategies she brings.  One of the things we talked about is where time-to-time we get ‘stuck’, and going through strategies to get unstuck.  I thought that was very powerful!  There are so many different things.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the next day.  I know it’s going to be outstanding.  Ginger is just fantastic, she has so much great experience, she understands marketing and how to implement that in a dental practice.  She is a real expert in that and I really appreciate her advice.”

Brad Parker
San Bruno, CA