Get More Out of Your Dental Marketing Part 3

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  People want to be reassured that they are making the right choices. Even if it is a matter of life or death, they still want to know that someone has been through this before and they aren’t alone. So to get patients to take action, they are subconsciously searching for other patients to justify in their minds, this is the right choice. By proving social proof, you are bringing those resources to them and helping them make the best decision for their care. Video 3 examines social proof and where to include that in all your marketing as well as how to get it.     Now Go Get Your Social Proof, Ginger
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People Are Looking At Your Cosmetic Practice Online Presence Like It’s A Internet Dating Site

Blog Articles-Weekly Training
We recently sold our home for a change of pace.  But we didn't go searching for a new home until the old one closed first to avoid getting stuck with 2 mortgages. We had a buffer of a few months after our house closed before we had to be out of it so we didn't end up on the street. Once the house closed, we were in full blown buyers-mode trying to find our next dream house.  And like most of you, I suspect, our first tool was the internet. I have taught my clients for years, when someone is searching for  "My Town Name" plus "Your Service/Product", they are a serious prospect and it is your opportunity to capture their attention.  So what you do to make sure you…
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