Dental Team Success For More New Patients

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Tips For Team Success Or read the full article below. One really important part of any kind of growth or marketing process and just a total business prospect point in general is the team member. No one can achieve the level the success or growth without a team. We need a great team on board to fulfill this. So how do you go about it? How do you get out of the best results for your mobile marketing? I’ve found offices with very strong involvement from the team have the best result. So it is so important to discuss them. What does team means? What things you need in place? On Going Training Team members have to be properly trained. Even if they have been there for a while or…
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Doing What You SAY You Are Going to Do?

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  My hubby, Ron, consults in dental hygiene offices around the country.  We are the exact opposite of the typical husband/wife combo (a female dentist with husband hygienist)  in dentistry but it has given it unique insight into practice development and growth.    He went to hygiene school years after I opened my practice when we saw a huge demand for motivated, quality, patient care oriented hygienist.  (He should have done it sooner.  He is fantastic at it!)   We were at a point where things were really taking off in the practice but there was still a huge void in the hygiene department that we couldn’t turn around until we had an insider in hygiene steering the change.  So Ron decided he was the one to do it and…
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Where Do You Find The Time To Do It All…running a practice, dental marketing, dental team development?

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Time management in your dental practice can be a ‘woo-woo’ alternative word to many in the same category as mind reading, meditation, or yak hair weaving.  (Okay, I’m joking about the yak hair thing.)   We’ve all heard it, probably read a dozen books on it, attempted to organize our life according to the latest guru who is going to appear on the hot talk show (not Oprah anymore), and FAILED miserably.   Why is taming time a mystery?  And should you even care?   It’s easiest to answer the 2nd question I posed first because if you are reading this, you do care about it to some degree.  The amount of crap that comes in and out of our life is overwhelming!  And getting a hold of our time…
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Cosmetic Office’s Team Role In New Patient Visit

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How does your cosmetic team affect how new cosmetic patients value their first visit to your office? Find out what your cosmetic office team should be doing, how they set up the optimal new patient experience, and how they can serve as a liasion for patient in getting what they are looking for and what services you can offer them in your cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry office.
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