Cost Conscious Marketing? Consider the Role of Social Media

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People are always asking me what marketing and systems I use in my own business.   And once they have met me or have followed me for a while, the question changes to HOW I came up with these ideas.   As much I wish I could claim it was spontaneous brilliance, I owe it to how much information I take in. I read constantly in all aspects of business and marketing. I subscribe to several insider publications, read other service organization journals (I’m hot and heavy into carpet cleaners, right now.  And I have picked several great tips for my business as well as for my clients.)     I collect almost every piece of ‘junk mail’ that comes across my desk to evaluate how it might be something I would…
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Why Newspaper Ads and Yellow Pages Aren’t Working

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  This is part 1 of 3 of what's hot and what's not is cosmetic services marketing. As cosmetic patients are hit by thousands of marketing messages each day, they have become more numb to your marketing message. Advanced techniques in cosmetic marketing for surgical enhancements and esthetic dentistry are needed to keep up with your patient's desires and needs. Before you can address what's working in cosmetic marketing, you need to see what's not... and more importantly why.
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