Get More New Patients by Being a New Patient

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Tips on How to Get More New Patients by Being a New Patient Today, I want to talk to you about one of the best ways you can improve your practice. And it is very important not only for you but also for your dental health. When I want you to do is to become the dental patient. We’re so busy taking care of others, sometimes we’re not so great at taking care of ourselves. So I want you to become the patient. But I want you to become a patient in somebody else’s office. So go to colleague that you trust, a friend, a family member that is in the dental profession and I want you to go through “the true new patient experience” in their office, and in…
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People Are Looking At Your Cosmetic Practice Online Presence Like It’s A Internet Dating Site

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We recently sold our home for a change of pace.  But we didn't go searching for a new home until the old one closed first to avoid getting stuck with 2 mortgages. We had a buffer of a few months after our house closed before we had to be out of it so we didn't end up on the street. Once the house closed, we were in full blown buyers-mode trying to find our next dream house.  And like most of you, I suspect, our first tool was the internet. I have taught my clients for years, when someone is searching for  "My Town Name" plus "Your Service/Product", they are a serious prospect and it is your opportunity to capture their attention.  So what you do to make sure you…
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