Increasing Your Dental Practice With Quarterly Goals and Themes

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How Do You Increase Your Dental Practice With Quarterly Goals and Themes How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. How do you grow a successful business?  Hitting your goals one quarter at a time. Quarterly goals are important because it gives you incremental markers to create success.  Sometimes in dentistry, months fluctuate and it is difficult being consistent across each and every month.  But by breaking that down into quarters, that allows things to average out and give you a more realistic understanding of where you are going and how to get there. Annual goals are hard to achieve if you haven’t also planned where you need to along the way at key periods throughout the year. The quarterly goal serves that purpose. If you can…
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Increasing Results with Dental Team Incentives

Blog Articles-Weekly Training, Video Resources
How to Increase Results with Dental Incentives One of the previous topics we had before as a dental marketing strategy was the Dental Team Success for More New Patients and we mentioned there something about incentivizing your team members. In this article, we will discuss further how to incentivize your staff in a very fun way. Well you may be saying you are already paying them well and you had given them a wonderful job. Yes, it’s a wonderful job, but dental team incentives are not just about money but it is sometimes about the game. We all like games. We have them on our phone, we play sports and we play with our kids. It is a little bit about competition.  And we can grow our practice through incentivizing and refreshing…
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