Planning Your Dental Marketing

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Dr. Ginger Bratzel gives details on dental marketing calendars of when certain campaigns are most effective to attract specific patients to your dental practice.  I’ve done videos and articles in the past about this topic with general information.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you to go back to those previous posts and review any on marketing calendars, offers, patient driven marketing, and multiple means of response to get that background information. This time, I’m going to dive in and be more specific on your specific marketing calendar. There are certain patterns, certain niches and certain marketing schedules that are only applicable at defined periods during the year. USE IT OUR LOSE IT INSURANCE: So for example, at the end of the year, if you wanted to remind your patients with…
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Focus For Your Cosmetic Practice

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Where should you be spending your time and attention in your dental practice that will directly control your level of results? I was recently cleaning out my personal home office, the place where I create most of my dental marketing campaigns for clients as well as myself, do my phone consultation, and plan.  I have an extensive ‘swipe file’ of marketing pieces, campaigns, ideas, and general inspiration material to give me a head start when I go to create a marketing piece for a cosmetic dentist or cosmetic surgeon.  These pieces are my originals as well as many from other niches and medias that I feel have interesting components that will work will for future campaigns. Over the years, the swipe file has grown from a single file cabinet to a bookshelf…
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Cosmetic Office’s Team Role In New Patient Visit

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How does your cosmetic team affect how new cosmetic patients value their first visit to your office? Find out what your cosmetic office team should be doing, how they set up the optimal new patient experience, and how they can serve as a liasion for patient in getting what they are looking for and what services you can offer them in your cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry office.
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Cosmetic New Patient’s First Visit

What Kind of Experience Are New Cosmetic Patients Having When They Visit Your Cosmetic Surgery or Cosmetic Dentistry Practice? You've invested in cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry marketing, you've got new patients coming in, now what? Find out how to close the loop during the cosmetic new patient visit to find out what they want and what you can do for them.
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