People Are Looking At Your Cosmetic Practice Online Presence Like It’s A Internet Dating Site

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We recently sold our home for a change of pace.  But we didn't go searching for a new home until the old one closed first to avoid getting stuck with 2 mortgages. We had a buffer of a few months after our house closed before we had to be out of it so we didn't end up on the street. Once the house closed, we were in full blown buyers-mode trying to find our next dream house.  And like most of you, I suspect, our first tool was the internet. I have taught my clients for years, when someone is searching for  "My Town Name" plus "Your Service/Product", they are a serious prospect and it is your opportunity to capture their attention.  So what you do to make sure you…
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Cost Conscious Marketing? Consider the Role of Social Media

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People are always asking me what marketing and systems I use in my own business.   And once they have met me or have followed me for a while, the question changes to HOW I came up with these ideas.   As much I wish I could claim it was spontaneous brilliance, I owe it to how much information I take in. I read constantly in all aspects of business and marketing. I subscribe to several insider publications, read other service organization journals (I’m hot and heavy into carpet cleaners, right now.  And I have picked several great tips for my business as well as for my clients.)     I collect almost every piece of ‘junk mail’ that comes across my desk to evaluate how it might be something I would…
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Cosmetic Office’s Team Role In New Patient Visit

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How does your cosmetic team affect how new cosmetic patients value their first visit to your office? Find out what your cosmetic office team should be doing, how they set up the optimal new patient experience, and how they can serve as a liasion for patient in getting what they are looking for and what services you can offer them in your cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry office.
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Cosmetic New Patient’s First Visit

What Kind of Experience Are New Cosmetic Patients Having When They Visit Your Cosmetic Surgery or Cosmetic Dentistry Practice? You've invested in cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry marketing, you've got new patients coming in, now what? Find out how to close the loop during the cosmetic new patient visit to find out what they want and what you can do for them.
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