Systems Build Predictable Success

Dr. Ginger Bratzel shares insight of how to avoid ups and downs of practice growth as related to team members and turn over to create a solid foundation of practice success… regardless who is doing what within the office.

Systems Build Predictable Success
Success is based on system and not on team members.

Don’t get me wrong, I love team member and NO ONE can be successful without their support. I’ve  discussed this before in a previous video, team members are very important for the success of your office

But by relying on team alone for success, you are setting yourself and them up for failure. Both of you need a systems to get reliable results from your efforts.

Just like when you are in the dental school, you had a schedule, you had a procedure manual on how to do everything, and you knew how everything went. And because of that, you learned how to treat patients; you learned the step by step process. It happened the same every time and there was repeatable results from your efforts.  Everything was there, the instructions and steps for consistency.

Personally,  when I started the business aspect, I didn’t know what I was suppose to be doing in that department because no one had taught me this before. I had to figure that out and put it a manual so it would happen each day, the same way.

When I started working in marketing, I found out quickly most offices had zero to little systems to implement this aspect of their business growth on a monthly basis. So my first step was to help create systems for this, too. And because of that, the office and the team got more successful if they have a system to follow.

Building a manual is a pain in the you-know-what, I know, but it’s important so don’t discount it.

And you don’t have to build all of the manual all at once. I give you permission to build your system manual over time. It is as simple as, if you are going through a new activity in your office, like a business task or a marketing task, then the person who’s responsibility for doing it would write it down at the time they do it.  

In my office, we keep it in a Word document and put it in our Dropbox file which everyone has access to, so they can just pull it out of there when they need it.

It’s all in that one manual file. Each step is in document format so we can just easily edit it, if needed, as time goes along. Things do change.

If there are team changes, like one team member moves, then everything is in that central place for the next person. The manuals can speed up the transition. If systems are in place, it will be easier for the next person to step in and take over the position and that increases your success.

What is hard to do in business growth is to get the momentum going.
So if you are always stopping and starting or learning and then going, that make thing aggravating. But if you have systems that are easily accessible, even as things changed, then that will make it not so hard on you and your team.

Another option to build and document your systems is to make a video recording of the steps.

The key is to get your systems down and you don’t have to do it all at once.

So build a system, don’t rely exclusively on your team alone, because again, “Team is more successful if they have a system to follow”.


I wish you nothing but success,