Social Media…Not Just for Teenagers

Like it or not, the internet is here to stay!

Yellow pages views are decreasing.  

Do you know what Yellow Pages and nursing home have in common…

They are used primarily by people over 70 and no one else


All major newspaper circulations are shrinking.

Studies shows more than 70% of people's first place to research using a business or buying a product is the internet.  That's not so surprising anymore.

What is surprising is that Google, the monster search engine that was thought of as the "Holy Grail" of the internet,is no longer the #1 used website…Facebook is.

If you are familiar with Facebook you might think of it as a waste of time that teenagers get on to talk to their friends.

Well that's simply not true.  It is used across all demographics and in fact 1 in 17 people in the world has a Facebook page.  That's the total world population, not just metropolitan USA.

Social media is like a party with people talking, gossiping, and simply sharing information.

And they should be talking about how great your practice is but probably aren't because you are missing out on this media.

If you have just a website that's NOT ENOUGH anymore.

People want to do businesses that are convenient for them and where they are.  And the smart, profitable businesses are going to be there for them with open arms to welcome them as clients.

Facebook is a free service and is valued at more than IBM and Yahoo combined.  

So how come something free be so valuable to you and your cosmetic practice!

Simply put, people like to do business with people they like.   And you hang out and call the people you like "Friends" (well, most of us.  Some of them are called family and we are just stuck with them.  But that's another story…)  

Facebook is built on the whole friend concept.   And people interact with public figures (not necessarily celebrities) and businesses that appeal to them as "Fan Pages".

Facebook gives people a place to be social without the risk of confrontation.  They get to learn about a business without having to come in.  They get to hear what others are saying and get word of mouth reviews from others that are just like them.

Facebook offers cosmetic dentists and cosmetic surgeons an opportunity to attract educated, presold patients to their practice in a way that Yellow Pages and newspapers could only dream of.

We will talk a lot more about the Power of Social Media and where all this is going soon….