Showing You Care For Dental Practice Success

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses how showing care will help you grow your practice and achieve your dental success.

Today, we are still in our 6-part series “Six C’s of Growing Your Business” and we are going to discuss a very important “C” which is “CARING”.

As health ‘care’ professionals, we are responsible for the physical health of our patients.  But as humans, we also need to show them that we truly care about them as people.

The new patient experience is often talked about as the magic tool of patient attraction. But that level of detail and warm must also extend to all patients, at every visit.

Showing that you care is the responsible of everyone in the office. No matter what happen, let them feel their importance and your genuine appreciate for them being there.

In this video, we cover the tips on how to show your care to your dental patients:

  1. Show them that you care from the front desk to the back area.
  2. Invest in staff training and re-training.
  3. Create Personal Connection – Eye Contact


Watch the video for the full details on how to show your care to your patients and grow your practice.

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