Reframing Your Thinking

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Reframing your Thinking]

If any of you have been around children, you have probably heard them use phrases beginning with ‘I can’t’, ‘I never’, ‘Everybody has one’ when they are unhappy with a situation.  But as you grow into an adult, sometimes you still have those limiting beliefs in your vocabulary.

To create the level of growth and your development in your personal and professional life, you must learn to break away from those definitive terms and remove them from your vocabulary.

Even though they may seem like small unimportant words you use in your daily life, they become cemented into your beliefs.  Don’t allow those limiting terms prevent you and your business from growth.

Part of being successful in life or in business is attitude and believing it’s possible.  If you hold on to those limiting terms, they become cemented into your mentality.  If you tell yourself ‘I can’t do that’, ‘No one else does that in my town’ you will believe it.  This will hold you back from growth personally as well as your professional goals.  It’s all about the words we tell ourselves.

Breaking a habit is never easy, so take the steps necessary for yourself to break that cycle.  Write those limiting terms down and place an X through them.  Post them in your office, as well as in your team room.  To act as a constant reminder to break the cycle.  Once you remove those definitive beliefs from your mind and change your thinking to more positive thoughts it will promote growth within yourself and your business.   Don’t let those definitive terms keep you small!

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