Psychographic Data to Get More New Dental Patients

Dr. Ginger Bratzel Shares Tips on How to Get More New Dental Patients

We had a segment previously on demographics. Demographics includes age, occupation, sex, zip code and those characteristic that describe a particular group.

So what kind of patient list you need to be going after?

Well, let’s dive in a lot deeper here and give you a really valuable insight on how you can get more out of your mailing list.

Let’s go through and talk about what is called psychographics. Psychographics is the behavior that your consumers have.

So for instance, you pull a list of people for cosmetic dentistry from age 30 to 60 and you wanted a household income of about $150 thousand dollars in certain neighborhoods. Well, that’s great, those are demographic information. But in the contrary, we’re going to find out a lot of times that 30-year-old group, that  generation  X group, yes, they make a hundred thousand dollars or a hundred fifty thousand dollars a year but they are broke. They have nothing to spend because they have a mortgage, they have three or four plus kids, they’re trying to save for colleges, they’re trying to invest or to repay on school loans. And as far as discretionary income, they don’t have any.

That is very important. You might also find out that they’re not even buyers because they’re so broke. They’re very insurance-driven. They only want to do the insurance max every year, to take care of their family and that’s it.

So those behaviors are psychographics and that is information we need to know about when attracting new patients.

A very good question is that, how would you work with that? So if you’re going to look at list, you also need to know what kind of buyer behaviors they have.

Are they buyers? Do they have discretionary income? Behaviors like, how far they’re from your office, not miles but driving distance?

You might want to find a particular zip code. They might live close to your office on a map but because the roads and the way things are laid out, they don’t even drive by and they go totally on a different direction. Keep that in mind. You’ve got to understand your target market niche.

So looking at those factors are very important for all niche patients like implant patients or for cosmetics.

What about divorcees? They’ve recently been divorced and they haven’t had work as they re-enter the dating game. That makes a whole different situation when you start to market them. So that is psychographics.

I want you to start thinking much broader on how you can apply that to your practice and when you use direct mail to market to people. And you should be doing direct mail. You need to be in people’s mailboxes. Mailboxes are very thin right now and you will stand out with a good quality, marketing piece.

And again as we’ve gone through previous videos, we’ve talked about good marketing pieces. I’ve talked about emotional headlines, offers, deadlines, calls to actions, testimonials, social proof, all those things. Look at those previous videos and I had all that for you.


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