Profits of Dental Services…It’s In the Marketing

Hello Doctor,


I’m Dr. Ginger Bratzel and for over 17 years, I have been in private practice to offer cosmetic and niche specific dental services to my patients.  But now and for the past 7+ years, I have also worked with doctors and their teams all over the country, in all aspects of healthcare services, to help them to improve their practices and provide better care for their patients as well!


I saw first hand, from own personal experience and initial struggle to be profitable.  And I continue to see in office around the country, being a great doctor with an excellent education is not enough to insure success.


The current struggle offices are facings are to create and maintain success.  Challenges we are all facing with the new emerging economy and finding patients who are ready to accept care now are crippling the system.


This frustration over the past few years has taken great practices to a less than desirable situation as well as crushed many struggling offices into financial ruin.


To over come this enemy, smart practices have master the 3 sides of success:  technical skill, management, and marketing.



#1 Technical Knowledge– As defined in your title “Doctor”, you possess specialized knowledge.  But more than that…you have the power to change people’s lives.   What an awesome role!


I’ve got some BAD NEWS FOR YOU:  “Being the best technically is ZERO insurance that you will succeed as a doctor!”


#2 Management– building and controlling your team.    No one of significance in history has done it alone.  He or she has always relied on others to support them on their quest behind the scenes.


Great Olympic athletes competing in individual events might stand alone on the awards podium, but they were assisted, supported, and encouraged by a team of individuals along the way to help them achieve their success.


But unfortunately, it isn’t that simple to create your dream business.  People and their lives are in constant flux.  Their directions move in and out of focus with your goals for the practice.   Sometimes it feels like herding a bunch of wild cats.


But with the right systems and monitors, accountability for their success to the office is crystal clear so they can better monitor themselves…leaving you free to do what you need to do…treat your patients.


#3 Marketing– The rocket fuel to set the whole thing on fire.  If a prospective patients doesn’t know what you can do for them, they will never find you.


Marketing can be inviting, exhilarating, profitable, and…

put on auto-pilot to run month after month.


Marketing is not and should not be a necessary evil, a waste of money, or a aggravation in your professional life- but rather the life blood of the practice bring new patients to your office on a consistent basis.


Marketing is sooooo much more than yellow page ads and magazine spreads.  It is what your practice is saying about you without you saying anything at all!


Just like a three-legged stool, all 3 components of a successful business should be of equal importance.


If one of the pieces of the triangle is weak or missing, it creates an unstable foundation to grow on.


Without management success, marketing could be bring in tons of new patients each month to only be chased way by poor systems and customer service issues.


“Investment in  the most advance training and technical knowledge in the country is a waste without a herd of ‘hungry prospects’ to buy your services.”



During my time as a consultant, I have coached Doctors and their teams  on successful mindset for practice growth, provided marketing expertise, and trained the practices on what to say and do for success.




From my years of working with them and surveying thousands of doctors, not just around the country, but around the world…


I have found the #1 request is help on how to get more new patients and how to increase referrals to the practice.


This is the lifeblood of healthy growth!


You could be experiencing problems in your practice if ANY of the following are occurring:


new patients come in but they aren’t accepting care saying “I need to talk to my spouse about it, I need to think about it, I will check my schedule”

Each patient isn’t referring 2,3 or more new patients because they are “Raving Fans” of your office and they won’t sleep until everyone they know is choosing care from you!

You are spending more and more on external marketing just to keep up your patient numbers and the cost of acquiring a new one is going up each month!



I have the answer to your frustration!

(And it is also a gift for you that does that and much more….)



I have 3 big promises for you:

o It’s easy to implement.  Any 2nd grader can be trained to handle this (I’m not advocating you do your next job search at the elementary playground, though)

o I will personally take the responsibility to train your team how to do it

o All while creating good rapport with your existing patients so they will want to become cheerleaders for the practice


All you have to do to get this free gift (valued at $297), is enter your information in the box  on the side to get instant access.


Take action to start ‘transforming’ your good practice into a GREAT ONE! 


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To Your Success,



Dr. Ginger Bratzel

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