Planning Your Dental Marketing

Dr. Ginger Bratzel gives details on dental marketing calendars of when certain campaigns are most effective to attract specific patients to your dental practice. 

I’ve done videos and articles in the past about this topic with general information.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you to go back to those previous posts and review any on marketing calendars, offers, patient driven marketing, and multiple means of response to get that background information.
This time, I’m going to dive in and be more specific on your specific marketing calendar.
There are certain patterns, certain niches and certain marketing schedules that are only applicable at defined periods during the year.


So for example, at the end of the year, if you wanted to remind your patients with insurance, as well as  and attract new patients who are motivated by insurance benefits, then you need to plan on using marketing strategies specially targeted  to making that happen before the year end. This type of marketing should be ongoing every October, November, and December so they can use their $1000 maximum from their insurance before it expires. It’s a “use it or lose it” kind of thing and they need to be consistently reminded about that.
I tell my clients, with any marketing,  you have to be pro-active and plan 2 to 3 months in advance.


Another important thing about marketing is timing your marketing for certain niches. There are certain times of the year that are more appropriate for a specific procedure. Let’s say in the summer time, class reunions and weddings are the trends so there are more opportunities for patients to want to have cosmetic treatment. And with this niche, they usually have a deadline before the event, so you have to have enough time to accommodate those patients and treat them so they can look fabulous.
As far as implant marketing, this niche tend to attract baby boomers and denture suffers. If you practice is located in an area with cold climate and many of this target audience travels somewhere else for the winter, it doesn’t make sense to market implants heavily during the winter month if no one is there is hear your message.
So during this time period, you would concentrate your marketing something else.  But with planning, you would be ramp it back up in March and April so as they return, you are prepared to treat them before the next winter period comes.

Everything in marketing is really not by accident it is by planning.
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