Planning for Seasonal Marketing

Dr. Ginger Bratzel gives details on dental marketing calendars of when certain campaigns are most effective to attract more patients to your dental practice. 

It’s never too early to plan out your marketing!

I already shared with you before a video and Ezine about the benefits and advantages of having a marketing calendar. A marketing calendar is very important to keep things on track, make sure you are making time for marketing, and gives you enough time to take action.
And marketing always take more time than you think so it gives yourself a check list so you don’t miss your deadlines and your marketing gets out each and every month.
 So, for instance, if you are doing a marketing campaign in December, you have to plan long before December arrives.
As a general rule of thumb, I tell my clients to always plan at least 3 months in advance. First decide what you want to do. You can go back and see what strategies worked for you in the previous years to help get you started.
Other ideas are to think what services you are want to feature and what seasonal things will go on during  that period. You can use strategies tied to the holidays or the weather.
Marketing is much easier if you have a consistent plan in place to implement it. Be proactive and avoid the ups and downs of the business with consistent marketing.
Remember: Marketing is something that you do FOR others, not TO others.
So keep in mind to use your calendar, plan it out, tie it to a season, and always plan in advance.

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