Personal Planning Time to Grow Your Practice

Importance of Having Personal Planning Time to Grow Your Dental Practice and How to Plan Your Goals for the Quarter


Taking  personal time is very important. Personal time is not just about a vacation or getting some rest to keep you relaxed and keep your mind and body going.

But it is also about creating personal time to plan your practice.

Personal time is getting off the grid. You have to be outside of your office.   You turn off your cellphone and your staff  can’t find you. Your first thought might be  an opportunity to go to the spa where you can get a massage or maybe the golf course where you can hang out with your friends all day.

But that’s your reward after you accomplished your personal planning time.

What I actually mean for personal time is that you have to go to a quiet place outside your home or office at least once every quarter to figure out what your next big thing is going to be. You want to plan what you want to accomplish for your dental practice. What do you want to do? What do you want to get out of it? 

And how you are going to do it!

Just like what we discussed on some previous topics, I showed you how to go low tech to unleash untapped potential. Leave all the electronics and just bring paper and pen with you or dry erase board. Use a different part of your brain to extract all the ideas that will help you grow your dental practice.  Bring articles and journals you have been meaning to read as resources and spur your imagination.

From the long list you’re going to get, pick three key priorities that you want to focus on or to invest your time on during that quarter.

You then can plan what:

  • Main Ideal Outcome from doing that is going to be
  • Key Questions or Obstacles you need to know in advance
  • Strategies To Overcome the Obstacles 
  • And most importantly, First Action Step to get things going

Do you know what is the easiest and most efficient way to do this right away?

Well, go to your public library.

Just a reminder, don’t tell anyone where you went so you get any interruptions. Leave your computer at home and just take pen and paper. I know it’s boring there, people are shuffling around, it’s got a weird little smell but it’s a different place to think.

Do all your work and when you get your top 3 priorities for that quarter mapped out, then you can give yourself that reward at the spa or golf course for a job well done.

So, block some time out of the office to take some personal planning time and grow your practice, improve your life, and have some fun.